A brutally honest guy, a young entrepreneur and so-called blogger that can only work under the influence of Green Tea and good music, in the pursuit of Freedom and Truth

The pursuit of truth and freedom is the journey I have knowingly or unknowingly dedicated the last few years of my life to; learning, improving myself and then sharing my truth is my gift to the world. Regardless of the potential outcome, I will always cut through bullshit when I see it.


I am doing everything with one primary goal in mind, and that is acquiring freedom, freedom from the shackles and social conditioning that keep us back, freedom from the rotten system that want us to become factory slaves and most importantly, freedom from our imaginary boundaries.

My Work

Today, years after I started on this journey and more than a year since I started writing, I can finally see pieces of the big picture coming together and how everything that I learned helps me now create what I consider to be high-quality posts that could impact my readers.

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