About Me

My Journey

I started on this journey years ago, long before I began sharing my ideas with the masses and without any idea of where I was heading, with the sole purpose of becoming the best version of myself and maybe even impacting my local community. As any long-life journey, you might have a brief idea of where you might want to get but you certainly don’t have any idea of how you’re going to get there and my story is no different.

In these last few years, I had one major breakout; I realized that speaking your truth, regardless of how much it may shock the people is always the best choice both for yourself and for them. Becoming a more authentic human being is a goal on its own, and with that idea in mind I always try to speak what I think and think what I speak. In such a crumbling and fake society, being brutally honest is the greatest gift you could give to the people, and that is precisely what I am trying to accomplish through my posts.

I never thought that I would do what I am doing today since, for as far as I can remember I always considered that I suck at writing. I am still far from being a great writer but that’s not my purpose, I am not trying to compete at that level, I am not trying to be fancy in my posts. All I’m trying is to transfer ideas from my brain to yours, and this is just one way of doing that. After all this time and dozens of articles produced, I still don’t consider myself a writer but a guy that shares his ideas through written words.

Today, years after I started on this journey and more than a year since I started writing, I can finally see pieces of the big picture coming together and how everything that I learned helps me now create what I consider to be high-quality posts that could impact my readers.

I am doing everything with one primary goal in mind, and that is acquiring freedom, freedom from the shackles and social conditioning that keep us back, freedom from the rotten system that want us to become factory slaves and most importantly, freedom from our imaginary boundaries. And, to accomplish all that you need the right information, you need to know the truth.

Now, I urge you to get off the couch and take some fucking action towards accomplishing that vision you have buried down in your head and maybe even acquiring total freedom and, that can start with things as simple as reading a blog post, perhaps even a post from me since information is power.

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