Are we still in the Dark Ages of Steem?

Are we still in the Dark Ages of Steem?

Are we still in the Dark Ages of Steem?

Before I get into today’s article, I want to make clear what the Dark Ages means, in case somebody doesn’t know, so, you can have a better understanding of the metaphor I’m trying to emphasize and what I mean through this post. The Dark Ages refers to a historical period when Western Europe went through a decline in demographics, economics, and, very important for my point, culture. Long story short, the term Dark Ages symbolizes a period of decline, a period where innovation slows down on all levels, especially culturally, similar to what’s happening now on this blockchain.

By now, probably you heard the stories about Steem being at 7c and how much the engagement has dropped back then, and, even if I wasn’t here when that happened, I do suppose that the blockchain was pretty empty. That drop in engagement and posting I heard about probably occurred also because the user base was very small but, have we evolved from that point?


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Are we doing better now? Have we surpassed the Dark Ages or, are we still in the same situation. I do think that we’re still in the early days, maybe not really the Dark Ages but not as different. There’s one thing I was able to notice, besides the fact that people often don’t like to engage and read, once the prices drop, the engagement drops a lot too, and the quality of the content drops as well. I’m not blaming anybody, that’s understandable, especially that very few people are getting rewarded without using the dApps.

You have all these people joining at the top, entering when the prices were at their highest, that are not feeling incentivized now to post, read and comment. Of course, if you were making a lot of money back then, you’re not feeling incentivized to do the same work now for way less. The heck, I know I had a few payouts that were worth even $700 back in December, and now, I’m getting only a few dollars for the same work. Yes, it does feel frustrating but, that’s not a reason to give up.


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The tokens we are earning don’t worth the same amount of dollars as before but, they are still a lot of tokens that could worth a lot more dollars in the future. Will the market go back up to at least a decent value in 6 months? Possibly but, does it matter? Yes, you might need money to pay the bills, so do I but, still, in the long term, years from now, probably, we will be in a great place once again. Now, it’s the perfect time to accumulate cryptocurrency, load your boats with sweet coins, and build projects so you can get rewarded more than you will ever expect in the future.

So, as a final idea, I do think that we’re still in some kind of a Dark Age, and we will be until we figure out a way to retain users better. That might be a curation project, a dApp or simply a community they can join and make friends and genuine relationships. Yes, we do have a lot of those, and many people are leaving just because they are lazy but, at the same time, with all the dApps and communities, many still can’t find their place.

But, nevertheless, I am sure that the people who have the right mentality, the long-term vision, and are not here just for some instant gratification will stay on the blockchain, no matter the price and the bullshit that’s taking place around them.

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