Fawkes and Music – #SpreadTheMetal

Fawkes and Music – #SpreadTheMetal

Fawkes and Music

Look, I am a big fan of music, all right? I work listening to music, I use songs to block all the noise that’s around me, I read, and commute listening to music, and, sometimes, I just listen to it, doing nothing. Music is part of my life, and as much as I like quietness sometimes, I often find it difficult to put down a couple of words in a Document without listening to some tunes.

Nowadays, fewer and fewer people know what great music sounds like; I’m sure that here, on the blockchain that might not be such a valid statement since we’re a bunch of cool kids but, out there, in the so-called real world this is as true as it can get; people listen to shit. Thus, when @honeydue nominated me to join this challenge, I knew I had to join, and share what I consider to be quality music.

Yes, I know I’m highly biased towards certain genres of music, and both I, and the people that might think that the music I’m listening to is shit could be right, at the same time since the music taste is highly subjective. But, does that mean that a specific type of music can’t be better, more beautiful than another one? I have no idea, still.

Last night, while working on another article, listening to music, I was still thinking about this “Spread the Metal” post, in the back of my mind, and, then, something unexpectedly hit me. I started working on the introduction of what I thought it was going to be this post but, before I realized it, I went into full rant mode and created a 1k word document about the fall of music that I might publish sometime this week.

I feel a bit like an intruder while writing this post because I’m not such a big fan of metal actually. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying some cool-ass heavy metal classics but, it’s not something that I’m listening on a regular basis, at least not anymore. But, I do love Rock music, especially the classics so, I still have something that you metal heads might enjoy.

Yes, that’s right, the Stones, The fucking Rolling Stones, “Sympathy for the Devil”; this is one of the songs I love the most, something that I’m listening to on a regular basis, often while writing, often while thinking. It’s something that it’s part of my writing process as much as drinking Green Tea is, I can do it without it but, the experience would not be as great then. I think that my answer to the question “Beatles or The Stones” is pretty obvious. I also enjoy a lot the Live Version or The Neptunes Remix.

But, if I wanna take it a bit slower, more chilled and introspective, more psychedelic, there’s always Pink Floyd.

When I’m thinking of Pink Floyd, there’s one album that has a couple of my favorite songs from him, and that’s “The Dark Side Of The Moon”. You see, when the vocals start kicking in the song “Time,” it’s just something from another world. This is the album that I was listening to last night while I got my inspiration for my post about music, more especially the song The Great Gig In The Sky. But, of course, there are other classics from him that I like a lot, and I can’t neglect like Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Wish You Were Here. They are what I call musical brilliance.

Of course, there is a shitload of other brilliant songs and artists that I love, too many to even mention in a post, too many to even remember. Nothing works better sometimes than a deep and highly undervalued Sparklehorse song, or, maybe a super energizing and “feel-good” one from Creedence Clearwater Revival. Maybe an Iggy Pop classic or Lou Reed? But, if you think you can handle it, something iconic from Bob Dylan or a fucking Jimi Hendrix or the iconic Janis Joplin. For fuck sake, anything from Woodstock 69’ works just about perfectly. Damn, you get the idea, there is a fuckton of great songs, and artists, and I’m sure that I missed out on a lot of them; I’d like to mention more in here, it’s impossible to limit myself to only a few but, I shall stop.

I probably broke all the rules of this challenge but, so be it if this is the “price” I have to pay to spread the joy of a whole music culture with some awesome people on a blockchain. Yeah, I think you can see by now this is not anything near metal but, you’ll have to be pleased with only this, for now.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the songs I shared; I’m looking forward to your feedback in the comment section, or maybe even in DM’s.

Thanks again to @honeydue for nominating me to join this, and to @verhp11 for setting up such a fun challenge.

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