Fawkes is back!

Fawkes is back!

Fawkes is back!

No, I have not given up on the Steem ecosystem, far from it; even if my total inactivity from the past week and my partial inactivity form before this might make you think so. I was gone for a week to an event filled with seminars, entrepreneurs and group activities at day, and even more fun at night. It was just about the break I needed but, I am back now, feeling refreshed and motivated to make shit happen.

Sorry (not sorry) for not letting you know about the break before leaving, I intended to do so but, too many things happened at the same time, and I never managed to finish a post. Here’s what I started writing while I was on a train.

Thoughts from before the event

I am writing this post from a train, as I am traveling to another city from Romania where I will enjoy my well -deserved “break.” I am using quotes when I am talking about this break since most people wouldn’t consider this as such. I am actually going away for one week to attend some business conferences and workshops as part of a Business Camp but, considering the kind of schedule I have on a daily basis; this is going to be relaxation time for me surely.

The schedule is pretty tight; I barely have a handful of “free” hours; by free I mean food breaks thus, I won’t be able to post too much in this one week. Here’s a picture of the schedule I have for this week.


For the past few weeks, I’ve been mostly working from the comfort of my bed, all day, every day. I don’t joke when I say this; I had plenty of days when I didn’t even leave the house. Why? Simply because I am trying to accomplish as many things as possible before October when my schedule will get way busier due to college.

But, because of so many hours put into this, I experienced a period of stagnation lately, of lower productivity only because this whole working thing got too tedious. And, what matters the most is not how many hours you put into something but, how many of them are productive.

Thus, the only way out of this lower productivity situation is to break out of my usual environment, take a “break,” and come back home fully-refreshed and ready to kick ass at maximum productivity.

Thoughts after the break

I have to say that this was one of the most epic events I have ever attended, it was just my kind of fun. The other 70ish people and I attended around 20 hours of seminars in 6 days, from morning till night, with a couple of hours for eating and a few other hours for social activities.

For four out of the six nights I went partying with people that were total strangers to me in the beginning, and we managed to have some amazing time together. For the other two nights, I stayed up till morning either interacting and having fun with the other attendees or working on a business plan as part of a contest.

Untitled design(1).jpg

Presenting a business-plan in front of a couple of people and entrepreneurs with my team

In most nights I was sleeping four, maximum five hours a night, once even three but, even if it was a bit tough, I loved it. Why? Because the people were amazing, the activities were fun and engaging, and the content shared by the speakers was merely life-changing.

Was this a life-changing experience for me? I don’t know; I can’t respond to that question but, I do know that it impacted me more than I was ever expecting, so make sure to check out my next post for details about why I attended it, why you should attend something similar, and how it helped me.

Also, watch out because great shit is going to happen from now on.

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