Lessons From Cold Showers

Lessons From Cold Showers

Lessons From Cold Showers

It’s been a day since I wrote my first piece on cold showers, and if you read it, and you have the right mentality, the right will, you already jumped in that shower, and took the challenge. But, if you didn’t do so, if you started researching on Google about cold-showers, and pondering, postponing then, you have to act fast to avoid getting caught up in a life of bullshit mediocrity. You can read the first post here.


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I started with the cold showers about two summers ago with one reason in mind, another than the one mentioned in yesterday’s post. I wanted to become not just more carefree but, also more unaffected by life. If you can stay in an ice-cold shower without any whatsoever reaction on your face or, in your body then, goddamn, life can throw anything at you, and your state will remain unaffected. If you can go through any physical pain while standing still then, you can take up almost anything life can throw at you.

It gets easier

It was not easy when I started out, the first time I took a cold shower I was shaking, gasping, it was horrible, and I was barely able to take up that stress. But, with time, it doesn’t get better, the impact that cold water has on your body remains the same but, it does get easier because you become better and more unaffected.


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When you begin, you probably start with the legs, just to try out the water, see how bad it feels. You might want to leave right after the cold water hits your legs but, you’re stronger than that, and you stay. Then, you start moving up, and by the time you get to the chest, your mind already exploded. You somehow pour some of that water on your chest but, you quickly stop because it’s fucking painful but, you start it again. Your face is making all kinds of expressions that you didn’t even know you had but, by the time you’re done, you’re feeling amazing, and glad you went through this nerve-wracking experience.

After you get the hang of it, you might go directly for the chest or, the back even if it the whole experience is as worse as the first time but, you become better, you stop carrying about that stressful experience, and you start reacting lesser and lesser to the ice-cold water hitting your body.

The more you’re doing something, anything, the easier it gets.

Just Do It

When you start, like in any stressful and painful experience, you’re considering all the options, considering leaving because this whole thing is stupid. But, that’s when you have to push yourself the most into doing it because you will thank yourself later.


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The start is the hardest but, if you can pull off the trigger, you will always end up feeling happy because you did it since, the things you can possibly win, are surely worth a couple of minutes of intense stress.

But, that applies to a lot of things in real life, the beginning is the hardest, if you can just push yourself into fucking doing it, you will always feel grateful for that at the end. View yourself as a Kamikaze pilot, you just have to jump into it, like a crazy madman, no matter what, no option to retreat.

You Become Unaffected

Yes, after you’ve been through enough of these, not only cold showers but, other stressful, painful experiences, you’ll start to feel freer, and life will seem quieter. That whole bullshit noise will start to disappear more, and more. You will give fewer and fewer fucks about stupid, meaningless day-to-day problems, and if you do get better at it, you’ll start caring less even about the major issues that are more serious.


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The first time Bitcoin went to 6k, I shit my pants for a lot of reasons. But, by the time it went the second, and the third time down there, I already started to care less. It’s not because I didn’t care about money anymore but, it is because that first stressful experience impacted my life so much, that it seemed like a joke when it went down again. You need these stressful experiences to stay sane; otherwise, anything nerve-wracking that life throws at you will fuck you over.

When you go through a situation that makes you wanna puke, that’s when you know you’ll come out at the other end, stronger, bigger, better.


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Now, cold-showers are painful but, it’s better to put yourself in controlled stressful situations than, to wait for life to hit you when you expect it the least because it will happen at some point. For your life, and your future, you have to master the carefreeness, and maybe, the next time you go through something harsh in real life, you’ll be able to stay unaffected and think about the best plan to get out of it instead of reacting emotionally and stupidly.

It’s not easy but, please, for your future’s sake, don’t be fucking soft, and do it.

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