The Nature of Choices #1

The Nature of Choices #1

The Nature of Choices #1

Choices, we all have to make them, every day, and all the freaking time, from stuff as small as deciding what to eat to things more impactful as deciding who to marry maybe but, choosing something is never easy. Thus, I prepared a mini-series called “The Nature of Choices,” with the whole purpose in mind that if I break down this subject, and you’re getting some value, your life might become just a little bit freer.

So, what is a choice? When most people think about this question, they think about it very black, and white, they only have in mind two options that define a choice, and those are: deciding to do or not to do something. But, there’s also a gray zone that they don’t even think about, and, that is not making a choice. Yes, the fact that you’re not choosing something, anything, and you’re letting life chose for you is a choice on its own even if you might not be conscious of it.


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The thing is that we’re the ones in control but, many people try to avoid that, and pass the burden of making a choice to somebody else because they find it too hard, because they are too comfortable. Instead of choosing a job, a career they like, they are just following the path somebody else has laid down for them, and that’s sad. But, you have to be the one in control, you have to make your own choices if you want to have a great life.

One of the most important things you should know about choices is that, if you would’ve chosen to do something, if you would’ve pulled the trigger earlier, then, you wouldn’t be in the same crappy situation today.

If you have a vision for yourself, when you’re looking for the future, it may seem hard to reach your goals, starting from nothing, it may seem like a long way; thus you postpone it even more. But, if you would’ve started at that moment, instead of delaying it another year, month, for fuck sake, even a week counts, you wouldn’t be here today.


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If you would’ve started your business when you wanted to, you would’ve been closer to reaching your goal now. You’re thinking about how great it would’ve been to join Steem when it was founded, to have invested in Bitcoin in the early stages instead of having to do it now, now it’s too late to do it but, the truth is that you’re only making excuses to postpone starting something.

You might not be able to join a platform, or invest in something early but, don’t let that be an excuse for you, and take some action. It’s almost never too late to start doing something, and, the sooner you’re taking action, the sooner you’ll achieve what you want, and the better your life will be in the future.


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If you’re not doing anything, if you’re not pushing forward, you remain in the same place, and stagnation is death. If so, there’s no way you’ll be in a better place, months, years from now. As many people before me said, that is the definition of insanity, doing the same thing that doesn’t work while waiting, and hoping for a better result, a better life in the future.

But, if you start implementing something today, if you choose to start taking action then, you might have a chance of having a better life. It’s not promised, but you just might accomplish something. And, that is way better than staying on the couch for the whole day.

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