The Road to SteemFest – Part One – My Work, briefly

The Road to SteemFest – Part One – My Work, briefly

Part One

I know about this initiative, started by @anomadsoul, from the time of its release, and since then I kept an eye on the submissions, but I haven’t managed to join yet. I postponed making a post about SteemFest until now, maybe because I was busy with renovations and manual work or, most probably because I wanted to be sure that I can attend before publishing something.

After the last couple of days, I am now pretty sure that I can attend the fest but, I am still waiting for the price of the tickets to be released to be certain, which should happen anytime soon. I already have a couple of liquid rewards in my wallet but, I am a firm believer that if you want something, you should try to produce more to buy it, instead of just using your existent money/income, especially in this bearish market.

With all that out of the way, this is my attempt of raising some money to fund at least a portion of the trip. I will probably pay for all the expenses besides the ticket with fiat since it would be a waste to sell crypto right now, at these miserable prices.

Also, if you’re into music, make sure to check out this or this post since you could win a ticket and accommodation for SteemFest. Or, you can join the writing challenge by checking out this or this post to win the same things.

My work, briefly

I find it somewhat challenging to talk about myself because I’m not used to doing it. Since joining Steem a year and a couple of months ago, I mainly focused on blogging about various topics, from self-development to finances, trying to speak my mind freely, in the pursuit of truth.

But, because this initiative intends to help Steemians that are attending SF to know each other better, I will do my best to share a little bit about myself and my work since joining so, the people that don’t know me yet can have a brief idea of what I am about.


I joined this blockchain on June 16th, 2017, mainly out of curiosity, it was a spontaneous choice, I just wanted to test the waters and see what this whole thing is about. I didn’t have many hopes because I already knew how Social Media works, I was aware that to grow a following you have to invest a lot of time, and only maybe then, after quite a while you can get something back.

I remember that my goal within the first months was to reach a constant $1 on my posts, I was satisfied with that number both because I was playing the long game but, also because my content wasn’t the best back then, I was still learning a lot. I never wrote anything before joining Steem, and I’m still learning a lot, I still don’t consider myself a writer. If I were to consider myself a writer, then I would have to compete with the likes of Orwell, Palahniuk and Hunter Thompson, and, to call myself a writer it would be a disgrace to their work.

But, I always used to share my ideas with people even before joining the blockchain, having conversations was a thing I always enjoyed, and that’s the same thing I try to accomplish here, to share my ideas with the community but in a written format.


In the last year, I was part of a couple of projects, like @OCD and @Sndbox but, I have the feeling that I’m far from accomplishing my true potential yet. I tried to build a magazine with my friend @macchiata but, due to exams, earthquakes and simply life, we postponed it into the oblivion. But, we haven’t given up on it yet, and I am pretty sure that we’ll release it within the following weeks if everything works as planned. There are so many more things and communities that I was involved throughout the last year but, this is not the time to bore you with my whole background.

As a general idea, I’m just a simple bloke, working on things that he believes in, that’s still figuring out things for himself and sharing everything on the blockchain.

I know that I’m still very vague when it comes to talking about myself but, I will probably share some more stuff in future “Road to SteemFest” posts so feel free to stay tuned if I managed to peak your interest.

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