What am I up to lately – A brief update

What am I up to lately – A brief update

A brief update

What the fuck have I been up to lately, you might ask. I used to post a lot more back in the days, I used to spend more time online in the chat rooms, and, of course, I used to comment regularly. But, I haven’t been that active lately, especially this past month, now, have I?

I am being a lot less active, that is, indeed, true but, it is only temporary, ~~hopefully~~. When I woke up this morning, I felt like it was the time to make one of these update posts since I feel like I neglected this blockchain/community a bit lately so, here it is.


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No, I am not being less active because of this market, that is not the main reason even if it might have a slight impact on my activity. In fact, I am not even earning that poorly from posts considering the blood that’s in the markets. Yes, I am not making as much as I used to in January, nobody is but, from a crypto standpoint, I could still be earning a decent amount of, probably super undervalued, tokens.

So, yeah, my drop in engagement is not due to the prices primarily but, due to something else, something that’s going on in my life right now, and that’s college. Yes, I talked quite a bit of shit about colleges, and the educational system in general in my past posts but, still, I couldn’t miss out on this experience. Right now, I’m studying marketing, something that I always loved because it involves two things that I’m passionate about, money, and psychology; it’s the perfect mix.

Time and Energy

Everything’s fine, and dandy, I love studying marketing thanks to its nature, and, some of the people over there are just epic but, there comes one, rather big, issue with this new thing I took up, and that’s the lack of time that it creates in my life. Because of the classes, I have to attend, and the commuting, I’m spending quite a bit of time away from the keyboard which makes this whole blockchain thing more difficult.

But, what’s worse than the lack of time, is the lack of energy since, if you’re in the right state you can get a lot more shit done in two hours than you can in ten if you’re feeling tired. Because of all the waking up early, commuting, and other energy-sucking things I have to do daily, when I get home, I’m feeling shitty which makes it insanely difficult to work, at least for me.


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But, it’s not going to end here, I have some things in mind that will fix everything. Firstly, I’m planning on drinking more green tea since it helps me tremendously with my energy issues, and, if you don’t know already, I love drinking it while writing, as I am doing right now.

The other thing that will help me more than anything is going to be moving closer to the university so I don’t have to commute anymore, which means that I can get a lot more sleep, and be a lot less tired after I get home. I have two decent rents on hold for me, one that I can check out next Monday, and the other one that will be ready to move in at the end of the month. So, if nothing else comes up, I should be moved out by the end of the month, which will be great for my work.

Long story short, because of college I have less time, and energy but everything should be fixed by the end of the month. Until then, I’ll try to produce content whenever I can.

Cheers for reading.

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