Why I’m taking Cold Showers

Why I’m taking Cold Showers

Why I’m taking Cold Showers

For the last week, I took almost every day a cold shower. I’m saying almost every day because I am sure that I missed at least one day but, I am not sure when since I am not keeping track of it because it wasn’t an “every day” challenge, it was more of a spontaneous choice. But, as a general idea, I took a shitload of cold showers in the last week, last two weeks.

Why? Why would I deliberately put myself in such a stressful situation? It’s not because of what you think. This whole cold shower thing probably has a lot of health benefits but, that’s not the reason I did it, and, no, nor because it’s too hot outside, and I want to cool down.

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My reason goes beyond any of the regular motives people might think of. I did it because it’s tough, stressful, nerve-wracking. You see, if you deliberately put yourself in intense situations then, the typical life bullshit stress will seem just like a joke. If you have a near death experience, when you come out of it, you wouldn’t give a damn about the noise that’s in your life.

But, you don’t need almost to die to get that freedom of not caring so much about meaningless things, you can achieve a similar result through other stressful situations, like cold-showers. After you stay there, in the shower, with ice-cold water running down your body, shaking, freezing, once you come out, you surely are freer.


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But, people don’t want to do it, they don’t want to leave their comfort zone, they hate cold showers, and prefer not to take them because they are weak. And, this is even more valid in our society which is filled with cunts, with soft people that are becoming softer and softer every day, thanks to their parents who fucked them up, giving prizes even to the last places.

People are still crying because somebody called them somehow, because somebody hurt their feelings but, if you’re on your path, if you’re committed to something greater then, you don’t have ears to hear the sea of mediocrity, their opinion means shit to you. But, they don’t know that, they let their emotions get influenced by anybody.


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And, the issue’s even worse! If a while ago people were complaining that somebody picked up on them in real life, now, they are complaining about everything. People get offended by commercials, about the opinions of people they don’t even know, about truth, only because they are fucking soft!

You ain’t gonna see that kind of people taking cold showers; their little soy-boy balls would fall off but, that’s good. It’s great news because now, you have the biggest chance in history to win since there’s no competition, nobody’s training anymore. World-class athletes are playing fucking Fortnite, regular people are caught up in bullshit crying over anything, and you, you have the chance to beat them all.

If you start building up that carefree muscle, becoming focused, and training every day to become the best at your thing, then, you have a tremendous chance to reach the top.


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So, dear reader, I challenge you now to take some cold showers, and become a bigger, better person or, to fuck off, and go back to your life of mediocrity, shit food, and comfort. You pick.

If you’re not convinced about cold showers yet, make sure to read my next post because I’ll be talking about the lessons I got from cold showers.

Just as a note, if you’re focused, and determined, you don’t need another post and postponing to claim what’s yours, to claim freedom.

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